Bonsai Chinese Feigenbaum 8-9 years with Buddha Fountain

Item number: 27032013330

Age Bonsai: 8-9 years

shell: Length: 38.5 cm - Width: 15.5 cm - Height: 10cm

Category: Chinese fig tree - Ficus retusa

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Ficus retusa - Chinese Feigenbaum 8-9 years

with Buddha fountain and water reservoir, EASY-CARE with water level indicator

Easy Bonsai Care System, a newly developed concept that offers a lot of advantages:

- Good durability in business
- Very simple care of bonsai
- Water delivery within no more than once a week
- Value Flexibility
- Repotting with traditional and modern, trendy options

This Easy Bonsai Care System consists of four elements:

1: A bonsai may be given a special breeding container with a deep core, with the water from the reservoir. Due to the capillary happens with dry earth of itself the root ball hanging over the water reservoir. Thus it remains airy and does not rot.

2: A water reservoir closes smoothly on to the breeding pot. This allows water to drip out at home neither in the chain, still in business or the consumer. The amount of water in the reservoir is sufficient under normal conditions for at least 1 week.

3: The water level gauge indicates when you need to fill the reservoir again (at min mark). Pour., The water on the soil of the bonsai to the max mark Let's take the bonsai water from the reservoir completely before you fill the reservoir again.

Bonsai: Ficus retusa - Chinese fig tree
Age: 8-9 years

shell: Length: 38.5 cm - Width: 15.5 cm - Height: 10cm

total amount Buddha: 30.5 cm
total plant height: 40-45cm

Product weight: 3,00 Kg

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